Music library application where users can build a custom library of their favorite tunes, rate the tunes, link to the corresponding YouTube videos, and discover tunes added by other users. Written in Java/Spring with a MySQL database.
The app was designed, developed, and deployed on AWS EC2 in 30 hours over four days (no longer live).
Specific Features:
1. Login/registration with validations and bcrypt password hashing.
2. When adding tunes, users include a YouTube video ID (e.g. https://youtu.be/video_id) allowing them to play the embedded video from their library (note: videos will only play if the owner of that video has enabled embedding in that video's settings).
3. On the home page, the user can play, delete, edit, and search for songs in their library.
4. On the discover page, users can search for tunes that have been added by other users and choose to add them to their own library.
5. CRUD operations for users and songs.
View Application:
Below is a quick video highlighting basic features and functionality.

Video highlighting basic features and functionality.

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