Andy Nguyen
Technical Skills
LANGUAGES:  C#, HTML/CSS, Java, JavaScript, Python, TypeScript
FRAMEWORKS/LIBRARIESAngular, Angular Material, NGXS, ASP.NET Core, ArcGIS API for JavaScript, Bootstrap, Django, Express.js, FastAPI, Flask, Leaflet.js, NodeJS, React.js, React MUI, Redux
DEV TOOLS:  AWS EC2, Cloudinary, Octopus Deploy, Postman, Visual Studio Debugger
DATABASE:  C.R.U.D. Operations, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
TESTING:, Jasmine, xUnit
VERSION CONTROL:  Git (GitFlow), Azure Repos, GitHub, GitLab
OS:  Windows, Mac OS
OTHER OFFICE SOFTWARE:  Microsoft Office Suite, Google G Suite
Professional Development & Certifications
AMAZON WEB SERVICES, Certified Cloud Practitioner, 12/2020
Demonstrated an overall understanding of IT services and their uses in the AWS Cloud.
• Demonstrated Cloud fluency and foundational AWS knowledge.

CODING DOJO, Web Developer Boot Camp, 10/2018 - 02/2019
• Full-time, immersive web development program.
• Achieved highest marks in all stacks offered - HTML/CSS, Python, Java, and MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js)
GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, School of Foreign Service, 2013 - 2015
• Master of Arts - Asian Studies (China, Political Economy)
• Honors Certificate, International Business Diplomacy

• Bachelor of Arts - East Asian Studies (China), Government
• Senior Captain of Varsity Tennis Team - 4-year Varsity Letter Winner; Led team to a 2013 Ivy League Championship Title and NCAA Division 1 Tournament Berth.
Thank you!
A little more about me...
I'm driven and eager to learn.
I'm a tinkerer with a curiosity for understanding how things work. I enjoy thoughtful engineering and innovative technology.
I'm hungry to learn, and I will fully commit to any project I take on. When I get into something, I dive in head first.
I'm a reliable teammate.
I will do everything I can to help my team succeed. I've worked on teams of up to 10 people on projects lasting between 3 to 12 months. I have a calm and thoughtful approach to working through tasks, and I'm supportive of my teammates and their individual needs.
I see the forest and the trees.
I have an eye for detail, often meticulously keeping records, reviewing deliverables, and ensuring the quality of the final product. As an editor for an academic journal and research organization, I thoroughly reviewed and fact-checked articles before publishing. As a developer, I troubleshooted bugs by following the flow of data in order to isolate and resolve the issues.
I live in the details.
At the same time, I enjoy understanding how all the parts fit together.  As a project manager, I identified milestones, divvied up responsibilities, communicated with stakeholders, and made sure that my team met the overall requirements of a deliverable. For my publications, I shaped the scope of a report and ensured that each essay added value to the publication and our readers. And as a developer, I learned how different languages, frameworks, and technologies interact to produce a final, functional program.
In any endeavor, I think it’s important to have an understanding of both the small and the large.
I have a global mindset.
I studied international relations for six years and worked professionally in the field for four. I've managed multi-author publications and research projects on U.S.-Asia policy, and I've planned public discussions on these topics in Washington, D.C. and abroad.
I think it's valuable to have a global perspective and to bridge differences between countries and cultures.
I've had the pleasure of working with...
• Booz Allen Hamilton (Data Science and Modeling Solutions (DSMS) Team)
• REI Systems (Health Services Business Unit, Uniform Data System (UDS) Engineering Team)
• The National Bureau of Asian Research (Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs Team)
• U.S. Department of State (Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, Office of Investment Affairs)
• The East-West Center
• Georgetown Journal of Asian Affairs
For fun...
I love to travel and experience new things!
I’ve been fortunate to work for companies that allowed me to travel across the world, meet new friends, and experience different cultures. My global experience gives me a unique perspective.
Ginkaku-ji - Kyoto, Japan
Ginkaku-ji - Kyoto, Japan
Glico Man sign - Osaka, Japan
Glico Man sign - Osaka, Japan
With the Asus Zenbo
With the Asus Zenbo

Singapore's skyline

I'm into sports and the outdoors!
Growing up, I played many different sports and had the privilege of playing tennis at the collegiate level. 
I also love the outdoors. Although my allergies don’t agree with me sometimes, I enjoy the calmness, tranquility, and perspective I get from a hike or excursion.
In 2020 I fell in love with cycling, and I try to ride the local trails whenever possible.
College tennis days
College tennis days
Spartan Race
Spartan Race
Love cycling!
Love cycling!
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Andy N.H. Nguyen
May 2023

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